Our polishing department is what sets Triangle Metals apart from our competitors. We strive to be the best at stainless steel finishing. We will work with our customers to find the surface finish and look of part that fits their requirements. That includes simple weld discoloring to grinding and polishing all the way to a mirrored #8 finish for the most stringent pharmaceutical and dairy requirements. We also offer bead-blast services to achieve uniform finishes. In addition we can utilize our finishing technologies to create sanitary branding options such as bead blasted logos finished directly onto the completed weldments. Our engineers will work closely with the customers and the polishing department to create the perfect solution for you and your business.

Metal Polishing & Finishing for Sanitary Applications - Triangle Metals - Rockford Illinois
Finishes RA,Number µ inch US Grit Ref Description
Discolor Unpolished None Surface,and welds are free of discoloration from welds and handling.
Grind Unpolished None Finish is not flush and will contain irregularities on the remaining weld. When compared to all the abrasive finishing methods, this process results in the least amount of weld material removed
Blend 80 None Welds are blended and smooth with no irregularities.
2B 80 100 This is the most common finish produced and called for on sheet material. It is brighter than 2D and is semi-reflective. It is commonly used for most deep drawing operations, and is more easily polished to the final finished required than is a 2D finish.
No. 3 70 100 This is a ground unidirectional finish obtained with 80 – 100 grit abrasive. It is a good intermediate or starting surface finish for use in such instances where the surface will require further polishing operations to a finer finish after subsequent fabrication or forming.
No.4 32 30 This,is a high grade sanitary ground unidirectional finish obtained with,150 grit abrasives. It is not highly reflective, but is a good general,purpose finish on components which will suffer from fairly rough handling in,service
No.7 10 12 This is a buffed finish having a high degree of reflection.,It is produced by progressively using finer and finer abrasives and finishing with buffing compounds.,Some fine scratches (grit lines) may remain from the original starting surface.