Engineering Services

Our engineering department offers value to customers throughout the engineering process. We are happy to assist in the challenges associated with designing for manufacturability. Our goal is not just to sell you parts but to assist you in ensuring your designs are effectively designed for manufacturability to reduce overall cost and lead-time. Our engineering department will take your design and develop the most effective manufacturing process. Whether it’s a simple panel or complex pharmaceutical equipment cabinet, we will devote our time and resources to build your parts at a competitive price.

Triangle Metals offers a full staff of engineers to assist customers with whatever manufacturing challenges they may have. This process starts with engineers that pride themselves in having great communication skills. Our engineering staff will be involved from the initial quote until the final inspection of your project. They will give you peace of mind knowing that you will be receiving parts manufactured to specifications on-time.

Our engineers are versed in working with all levels of projects. They can work with large companies with very detailed drawings and specifications, but they can also work with customers to help analyze all of their potential needs. The engineers at Triangle will put in the effort to make every customer happy, from the one-off brackets to the large OEM machines.

The engineers at Triangle keep in close contact with all of the operators and fabricators on the floor, and can assist in removing costs from a project. If there is a way to reduce the costs of your parts, even if it means sending to a partner of Triangle’s, we will let you know.

Triangle Metals utilizes AutoDesk Inventor as their primary modeling software, but we are also versed in other modeling software. We can use nearly any 3D or 2D CAD modeling software that a customer may use. Triangle Metals also utilizes a full ERP system to handle all parts of the business including build material planning and scheduling. With the software, we have great insight into what lead-times we can offer customers and are confident in hitting the promised dates.